We are thrilled to announce that as of 5th November 2015, Freethought has connected to the London Internet eXchange (LINX).

By joining LINX we are cutting out the middle man and connecting our network directly (“peering”) with other network operators, which means that all of our customers benefit from higher throughput, lower latency connectivity with hundreds of other Internet providers from across the globe without any third party carriers in-between.

Whether you are a hosting, server, leased line, or IP transit customer; you will benefit from this upgrade as LINX will allow us to connect to not only major ISPs such as Sky and TalkTalk, but also popular content providers including Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and many many more.

We’re starting work straight away on getting peering agreements in place with as many networks as possible. This is just another sign that when it comes to our network, Freethought means business, and we have even more exciting news about our network in the pipeline.

In the meantime, here’s some interesting statistics about LINX:

  • 679 member ASNs from 657 members in 66 countries
  • 1556 connected member ports, including 808x 10GigE ports and 56x 100GigE ports
  • Over 3.044 Tb/sec of peak traffic from 14.141 Tb of connected capacity