Freethought have been providing web hosting, domain names, data centre services, and managed server solutions for over 17 years and together our small team have decades of experience. In that time, we have developed a hard earned reputation which sets us apart from other providers in our crowded industry as a company that puts our principles above all else and strives to be a friendly, flexible, ethical, and environmental provider.

Principles aside, we are also known for our amazing customer service, whilst our in-depth knowledge throughout a wealth of areas means that we can provide honest, realistic advice to ensure that our customers achieve whatever it is they are needing our help with, and design innovative solutions to meet their needs whilst providing great value for money.

Increasingly though, our customers have been asking for our help outside of the internet; people value not only our expertise but also the close relationship that they have built up with us over the years and so they want our advice on more local issues such as their desktop computers, mobile devices, or their Wi-Fi. We've toyed for some time on whether to extend our range of services into the home and office, well, we have decided that now is the time.

We are delighted to announce the launch of our sister company Freethought Services. The same principles, the same level of care and attentive support, but for your home and office.

Freethought Services are a managed service provider you can trust to meet all of your IT needs; whether it is functioning as an ethical and carbon neutral outsourced IT department for hundreds of employees, supplying Office 365 subscriptions, providing secure off-site backup for your critical data, consulting on business continuity planning, or installing a managed broadband connection, we can do it all.

The launch of Freethought Services means that together the group of Freethought companies can provide your every IT need with all of the advice, consultancy, products, and services you need to be the comprehensive IT provider you've always wanted. To make all this possible we're welcoming new member to the team; Nick brings with him extensive experience of running a managed service provider at a large scale, supporting hundreds of business of all sizes and thousands of users with top quality, best in class support.

So, there is nothing left to say other than to take a look at our new Freethought Services website, and if you like the look of what you see then give us a call on 03300 882131 or send an email to to discuss. We can't wait to hear from you!