At Freethought we pride ourselves on not just providing amazing service, but doing it in a friendly and (more importantly) an ethical manner. We publish a comprehensive ethical policy which sets out how we operate in a responsible, ethical, and environmentally sound way. The last point about being environmentally sound is especially important in our industry, for years now we've been certified carbon neutral, but we've now taken it one step further and are now a climate positive company through our partners Offset Earth.

What is climate positive?

Climate positive essentially means that we have gone beyond having a neutral climate impact, and we now are a positive climate impact. Our aim is to take away more CO2 than we produce, not just neutralise it, and to work with projects such as wind and solar farms, reforestation projects, and all sorts of other things to have a positive impact on the environment, biodiversity, habitat creation, and of course emissions reduction.

We're planting 5000 trees and more every time you purchase

We want to kick things off as we mean to go on with our new environmental partner Offset Earth and so we've planted 5000 trees and are funding projects to remove 100 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. And to maintain the momentum from today until the end of January 2020 every time you make a purchase from us we're going to plant even more trees!

Join the revolution

If you're loving what we're doing with Offset Earth, then you can do it too; whether you want to offset your business or your family you can ensure that you are climate positive as well, just visit and subscribe from as little as £4.50 - plus if you let them know we sent you then they'll plant even more trees as a referral bonus!